Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Generation Video Game Console PS2

PS2 Silver

PS2 the new game console which was created by Sony and came into the market of Japan in 2000.Its the best model which got highest sale in the market which compare to the competitors products.Sony announced the marketing of PS2 will continue untill the demand get over,PS2 port supports only a mini DIN plug which has just 6 pins.PS2 console can also play audio CDs and DVD movies.PS2 console which supports memory cards,Dual Shock2 contorllers and memory cards can also works in previous version PS1.Memory card support 8MB capacity and its for the security purpose of license to avoid third party use.

PS2 Console
 The Game CDs got available in all nearest retailers its has the facility of playing multi-player option.Sony has launched many PS2 CDs but certain has got the ratings among the people's like: GOD OF WAR collections,SMACK DOWN PAIN, RESIDENTAL EVIL,GTA etc.CDs getting release in two types like Gold and Blue color.The original CDs can be purchased only in companies.


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